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Avner Pinchover / Architecture and Town Planning

About me:

I’m an artist, working mainly in performance and video. My works have been shown in museums such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow (MOCAK), Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, Moderna Museet Malmö, Basler Papiermühle Museum and Janco-Dada Museum Ein Hod as well as other institutions and galleries.

Most people don’t know what “performance” means, as an art form: it is art that’s performed live, oftentimes by the creators themselves. Sometimes I perform in front of an audience, while at other times I perform in front of a video camera and exhibit the video.

My work has been generously supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture (2022, 2019), The Mifal HaPais Art and Culture Council, The Rappaport Foundation, The Ostrovsky Family Foundation and the Rabinovitch Foundation. I’ve participated in several artist residency programs, including Maamuta Art and Research Center, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Barbur Gallery, and Edition/Basel. In ​​September 2022–August 2023 I’ll be a resident at Artport, the leading program for emerging Israeli artists.

Attended the program: 2004–2012

Graduated: B.Arch summa cum laude, May 2012

Continued education: Postgraduate Fine Art Program, HaMidrasha – Faculty of the Arts, Beit Berl (Graduated 2018)

Academic Papers: Rotman, Diego. “A Kiss in Reverse: A Spit-Act in the Age of COVID-19.” Israel Studies Review 36, no. 3. (2021): 76-83.


Diego Rotman’s article focuses on one artistic performative work that responded to the challenges of performing art and culture in times of restrictions and quarantines. Performed over Zoom in an eleven-minute act, Avner Pinchover sits on a sofa in front of the computer, directs his mouth at the computer camera, and spits into it. Rotman analyzes this Spit Act, which holds a set of interesting contexts and contents.

During the program:

With the help of the excellence program, Avner created a custom-made curriculum, focusing on the connections between architecture, cinema, and art. He took courses in film studies at Tel Aviv University and art courses at Haifa University. In his final project, he integrated the three disciplines.



Avner Pinchover