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Dana Szafranek / Electrical Engineering, Physics

First degree in Electrical Engineering at the technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2002-2006


Recommendation to Program participants: "The undergraduate degree should be used to build a broad base of knowledge. As autodidactic as one may be, nothing beats the thoroughness of the Technion's undergraduate courses, in my opinion. So, as a counterpoint to the "spirit" of the excellence program, prefer taking XX4XXX (basic) undergraduate courses over advanced courses while you can… You'll have the whole of your graduate studies to plunge into the details of advanced courses. This attitude will prove itself useful for later on, allowing one to switch majors, opening numerous doors in graduate school, and allowing one to bring more "to the table" in a multi-disciplinary research."


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Today (2012): PhD (Direct track) in the EE department, focusing on computational electromagnetics.

Dana Szafranek