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David (Dedy) Allouf / Architecture and Town Planning

First degree in Architecture and Town Planning

Master's Degree in  Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne. 

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2007-2010 (Joined the program during my third year in the Technion)


Significant parts of Dedy's senior years have been comprised of courses from graduate studies. In his last year, being a part of the excellence program greatly assisted his acceptance to an experimental academic program assisting 2nd year tutors in the main design studio.

Dedy's final project won the 2010 Leon and Israel Reiskin prize which is awarded by the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in the Technion to an outstanding final project every year. Furthermore, his project also won the 2010 Azrieli prize (second place -the jury decided not to give a first place in this year's competition) which is awarded by the Israeli Architects Association to an outstanding project from all five Israeli schools of architecture.






Recommendations: "Always remember why you came to the Technion in the first place and why you chose your field of study. Only then, think about how you can best use the program to your academic advantage. The program offers virtually endless possibilities, don’t let the pressure of using these possibilities make you lose track of your initial goals."


Today (2018): Dedy is working as an architect at NH Architecture, in Melbourne Australia.


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David (Dedy) Allouf