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Einat Willmott / Medical Science

Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine (Summa Cum Laude) from the Technion

Other studies

— PhD in Neuroscience from the Technion, Faculty of Medicine

— Post-doctorates at the Technion, the University of Zurich (Switzerland), and The University of Auckland (New Zealand)

— Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching / Senior Qualified Teacher from Herzog College / Ministry of Education

— Professional Certificates in Data Science from HarvardX (Harvard University) and IBM

Selected awards

— Technion President’s Excellence Prize – three years running

— Dean’s Excellence Scholarship

— Gutwirth Prize for excellent graduate students

— Excellence Program for MD/PhD students – three years

— Eshkol Foundation Scholarship for PhD research – three years

—  World Health Organization (WHO) Summer School Oncology Fellow, University of Groningen, Netherlands

— Foulkes Fellowship for MD/PhD students, Foulkes Foundation, United Kingdom – three years

— Spark $100k Challenge Finalist, The University of Auckland Entrepreneurship Programme, New Zealand

— Professional Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Selected research outputs

— Eight articles published in leading scientific journals – five as first author

— More than three dozen presentations at international scientific conferences worldwide

— Successful competitive research grant applications totaling in excess of one million shekels

— Two US patents

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1997 – June 2000.

As an Excellence Program scholar, Einat undertook a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

In addition to her medical studies, she combined advanced courses, interdisciplinary studies, and scientific research.

She completed courses in the Dept. of Physics (Physics 3H), and in the Dept. of Mathematics (Infinitesimal calculus, and Algebra).

She conducted genetics research on the mapping of the U-TURN gene that is implicated in the development of the nervous system of Drosophila, which was performed under the supervision of Dr. (now Prof.) Adi Salzberg, in her lab at the Dept. of Genetics & Developmental Biology in the Faculty of Medicine.

And she studied neurophysiology under the direction of Prof. Dr. Shimon Marom, in his lab at the Dept. of Physiology, Biophysics & Systems Biology in the Faculty of Medicine.

About the Program: "The academic advantages of the Program provided me with the latitude to select a curriculum that suited and interested me, even though it was at variance with the conventional, regular curriculum of the faculty. I have no doubt that the knowledge I acquired in the framework of the Program helped me in my subsequent research. And the knowledge I acquired in mathematics and physics continues to serve me well."

Recommendation to Program participants: "Take full advantage of what the Program allows you to do. My experience is that participating in the Program facilitates greater access to professors and research laboratories."

After the Program

Einat first went on to undertake a direct PhD in Neuroscience under the supervision of Prof. (now Emeritus) Hillel Pratt, in his evoked potentials lab at the Dept. of Behavioral Biology in the Faculty of Medicine. While there, she conducted world-leading research in the neuroscience of emotions, resulting in several articles being published in leading scientific journals, and two dozen presentations at international scientific conferences worldwide, culminating in the award of her PhD.

After her PhD, Einat went on to complete three post-doctoral fellowships in neuroscience at the Technion, the University of Zurich, and the University of Auckland. At Auckland, she led ground-breaking clinical research in neurophysiology of aphasia resulting in development of new therapeutic methods with clinical implications for diagnosis and therapy of other brain disorders. She continued to publish scientific articles based on her research and present at scientific conferences.

On returning to Israel, Einat lectured at Bar-Ilan University’s medical school, Sheba Medical Center’s nursing school, The Max Stern Yezreel Valley Academic College, and Reidman International College. She subsequently obtained a teaching license.

Einat has also had two US patents issued.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Einat completed a Professional Certificate in Data Science, in order to enhance her research capabilities and career opportunities.

Today (January 2022): Einat is looking forward to the end of the public health emergency so that she can pursue several exciting opportunities that have been stalled.