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Elad Barkan / Computer Science

First degree in Computer Engineering at the Technion.

MSc in Computer Engineering at the Technion.

PhD in Computer Engineering at the Technion.
Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1998 – February 2001.


His curriculum included interdisciplinary studies and advanced courses without the preliminary ones. Elad did research with Nathan Keller, also from the Program, that led to breaking the encryption code of the international cellular telephone system GSM. The team headed by Prof. Eli Biham from the Department of Computer Sciences.


Today (2012): Elad is currently acting as a CTO of a company he founded (a start-up) company.


About the Program: "It confronted me with the unremitting challenge to comprehend the boundaries of human understanding. It provided me with the opportunity to work with researchers who are at the cutting edge of scientific endeavor."


Recommendation to Program participants: "Behave like customers in a huge supermarket, where you can fill your cart with products that are offered to you free of charge. Enjoy this experience and exploit the opportunity to probe and question how and where you can do research".


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