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Emanuele Dalla-Torre / Electrical Engineering, Physics

First degree in Electronic Engineering (electro-optics and micro-electronics) and Physics at the Technion.


Technion's Excellence Program: 2001 – 2005.


Emanuele included interdisciplinary studies in his undergraduate studies. For example, being interested in Biophysics, he attended two courses on Biotechnology and Proteins’ Biochemistry at department of Biology. He added advanced courses in Physics to his curriculum as well.


During his undergraduate studies, Emanuele worked on three different research projects under the supervision of Professors from the faculty of Electric Engineering and Physics. One of his projects “Hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor: linear potential model for the analysis of energy distribution” was performed under the guidance of his Excellence Program advisor, Prof. Dan Ritter . This project was awarded the “Excellent Laboratory Project” prize and presented during the Nano-technology Summer School 2004 in Varenna, Italy.



Recommendation to Program participants:


1. Study, study, study: the Program should be used to study better, not to study less!


2. Talk to the maximum number of students, researchers and professors: you’ll be a lot more confused, but your choices will be wiser.


3. There are many exciting activities around Technion synagogue: don’t miss them.



Curriculum Vitae


After his undergraduate studies, Emanuele attended an M.Sc. + Ph.D. program at Weizmann Institute and then moved to Boston for a post-doctorial fellowship at Harvard University.


Today (2018): Emanuele is a senior lecturer in the department of Physics at Bar Ilan University


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