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Gefen Baranes / Electrical Engineering, Physics

First degree in Physics & Electrical Engineering at the Technion.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2018 – August 2022.

Today (2022): Gefen is a Physics PhD student at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About myself: I was born in 1996 and grew up in moshav Kfar Bilu.

Ever since I was little I was interested in science and especially the universe and how everything works. I was drawn to physics on an early stage of my life and found myself searching for more knowledge in the development and subject of physics.

During my school years I participated in different programs in Weizmann Institute of Science, Bar-Ilan University and the Rehovet center for gifted children.

I joined the army and served as an officer in the IDF's intelligence corps, working in computers data science and physics.

I enjoy tutoring physics and mathematics since I was in eighth grade, initiated a program to teach sciences in underprivileged communities during my service in the army, and in the past year have prepared and volunteered lectures on the subject.

Hobbies and other activities: traveling in Israel and abroad, dancing, reading books about science and scientists, cooking and baking, and playing with reversing words and sentences.

When did you start the program: Winter 2018.

Recommendation to Program participants: Enjoy all the program benefits – good friends from all subjects, freedom to study whatever you want, and amazing support from the program. You are part of the family now (:

Main achievements: 4 conference talks in the US + 5 journal papers as an undergraduate student (3 as leading author). First place in the Kasher competition for the best undergraduate project in the Electrical Engineering department at the Technion (2022), the best talk prize at the Technion Quantum retreat (2021), the undergraduate student awards of excellence from the Helen Diller Quantum Center (2021) and MIT’s fellowship & award for promising candidates.