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Ido Ben-Barak / Chemical Engineering

First degree in Chemical Engineering at the Technion.




Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2009—2011


Ido took some advanced courses in the fields he was interested in. He also did a research project which is much more extensive than most students, in a program which is not open for most students. In this project, he used cryogenic-temperature scanning electron micrscopy (cryo-SEM), a specialized method for imaging the nanostructure of soft materials (liquids, gels, and even solids with high vapor pressure), to investigate a microemulsion system (that is, a solution where oil and water are stably and homogeneously mixed with the help of a third substance), and describe the relation between this structure and the properties of the macroscopic solution.




Recommendations: "In many cases, the mere fact that you are a member of the program opens new opportunities. If you ever have any special requests academically (enrolling to a course, special consideration with your academic tasks, research projects, etc.), don't be afraid to just ask. You will be surprised at what you can get."




Today (2012): Academic officer, IDF.


Ido Ben-Barak