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Ido Kaminer / Electrical Engineering, Physics

First degree in Electrical Engineering & Physics at the Technion.

PhD (direct route) in Physics with Prof. Moti Segev, at the Technion, 2014 (entire studies in parallel with the army service).

Postdoc at MIT as a Marie Curie Fellow and as a Rothschild Fellow, also with the Technion-MIT Fellowship.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2005-2007

"As an undergrad, the Excellence Program helped me make changes in the standard Technion curriculum and it opened many opportunities for me: I took many mathematics classes, as well as graduate classes in many faculties. These opportunities made a big difference to my career path later on. 

I started my second degree in parallel with my last year of undergrad. I found out again and again that the Technion lets you break some rules if it is for a good purpose like advancing your knowledge or contributing to research. "

Ido carried out two research projects in EE, and one research project in physics. His project in physics introduced him to the field of nonlinear optics, in which he did his research toward PhD.

Recommendation to Program participants: "Contrary to expectation, undergraduate-time is the best for taking advanced courses. So do not postpone learning anything you really want to know.
Try academic research during your undergrad – will help you make better decisions about MSc/PhD.
As a general rule, choose projects that are just a bit harder than what you think is the hardest you can manage. And make use of the program benefits (even if you need to twist them a bit). It’s fun."

Honors and Awards:

Azrieli Faculty Fellow
Marie Curie Fellow
APS DLS Dissertation Award
The IPS Prize for a Graduate Student in Theoretical Physics
The Knesset award for outstanding undergraduate student achievements

Today (2017): Assistant professor in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technion.

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