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Inna Averbukh / Computer Science, Physics

First degree in Physics and Computer Science.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2006-2010.

Inna did some research:

1. The effect of antibiotics on E.coli gene expression: Summer internship in Harvard medical school, department of systems biology, Kishony lab. Conducted research on the effect of Trimethoprim on E.Coli gene expression using microscopy and wrote MATLAB scripts for image segmentation and statistical data analysis.

2. Adaptive dynamics in combinatorial genetic regulatory networks: Under the guidance of Prof. Erez Braun and Yair Katzir, Technion. Conducted experiments on the cell-cycle regulatory network and gene recruitment in Budding Yeast, using K-PCR, Programmed a C++ Cell Cycle simulation.

Master's degree in physics at the Weizmann institute, 2013.

2013 – present: PhD research at the laboratories of Profs. Naama Barkai and Benny Shilo, Weizmann Institute of Science.
Topics: “Robust design of biological timers”, “Variability and robustness of D-V patterning in the early Drosophila embryo”.

Inna Averbukh*, Avishai Gavish*, Benny Shilo and Naama Barkai.  “Dealing with noise: The challenge of buffering biological variability”. Current Opinion in Systems Biology, 2017.

Neta Strasser*, Inna Averbukh*, Michal Haskel-Ittah*, Neta Degani*, Eyal D. Schejter, Naama Barkai and Ben-Zion Shilo.  “A WntD-dependent integral feedback loop attenuates variability in Drosophila Toll signaling”, Developmental Cell; 36:401–14, 2016.

Inna Averbukh*, Danny Ben-Zvi*, Siddhartha Mishra* and Naama Barkai.  “Scaling morphogen gradients during tissue growth by a cell division rule”, Development; 141(10):2150-6, 2014.

Yair Katzir, Yuval Elhanati, Inna Averbukh and Erez Braun. “Dynamics of the cell-cycle network under genome-rewiring perturbations”, Physical Biology; 10(6):066001, 2013.

Roy Kaufmann, Inna Averbukh, and Ron Naaman. “Controlling the Reactivity of Adsorbed DNA on Template Surfaces”   Langmuir; 24(3):927-3, 2008.
*equal contributors

Recommendation to Program participants: "Use the freedom to take courses without their pre-requirements and discover what interests you, don’t be afraid to venture outside the recommended curriculum".

Today (2018): Inna is studying for her PhD at the Weizmann institute.

Inna Averbukh