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Ira Cherkes /

First degree in Molecular Biochemistry at the Technion. First degree in Computer Science from the Open University. M.Sc in Nano Technology at the Technion.   Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 2004 - 2007. Ira changed her curriculum to suit her needs. She included advanced courses in her curriculum, without taking the preliminary courses needed for them. Ira included Interdisciplinary studies -courses from Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science faculties that are not in the recommended curriculum. She also did a research project after her first year, as well as another during her last year.   Today (2012): Ira workes as a software developer in a startup that develops faster scanning microscope biological plates.   Recommendation to Program participants: "Study out of the love to science and technology, not because it's obligatory. Smart people can manage well without a degree".  
Ira Cherkes