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Jonathan Laserson / Computer Science, Mathematics

First degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics at the Technion.
Second degree in Computer Science at the Technion.
PhD in the Computer Science Department in Stanford University, California.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2000 – February 2004.
During his first degree he performed a research project with Yaniv Altshuler (also from the Program) Under the supervision of Dr. Roy Friedman from the Computer Science faculty which won a prize.
Jonathan included advanced courses without taking preliminary courses needed for them and studied peacefully to another degree in Mathematics which he would never had done if he hadn't been a member of the Program.


Recommendation to Program participants: "If you think about going to study abroad, it should keep you occupied in a very early stage of the degree, especially if it is three years long. The importance of grades is minimized compared to the importance of proven research experience (a paper!).
Be advised that it takes time. In addition, it is important to have a clue about the different universities, the level of the disciplines in which they excel and their leaders. When you apply, knowing exactly what you want gives you a huge advantage. Don't hesitate to contact professors, especially if they are Israelis – they will be glad to help.
General advice: take advantage of the time in your studies and the fact that you are part of the Program, to broaden your horizons. You can wait with in depth studies to your masters degree. Invest time in Mathematics – it makes other classes easier. Search the Internet for opportunities to do internship in the summer. I was not aware of the many options".


Today (2017)Works at Zebra Medical.

Jonathan also arranges meet-ups on the subject of medical machine learning.


Jonathan's blog.

Jonathan's lecture on deep learning.


Jonathan Laserson