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Jonathan Stern / Electrical Engineering

First degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technion.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2005- June 2007


Jonathan's curriculum was much more physics-prone then the regular EE curriculum. He did 2 research projects during his stuties at the program:

1. A research project in Single Electron Transistors

2. A research project in Active Galactic Nuclei (Astrophysics)


Recommendation to Program participants: "Get a lot of advice from different faculty members before choosing a research project. Remember that each faculty member will praise his own field of work. Even in the same faculty, different research fields can differ profoundly. For example, in physics, the difference between an experimental project and a theoretical one is substantial, and a student that would like one of them would not necessary like or have the appropriate skills for the other".


Today (2012): Thesis in Astrophysics under Ari Laor, Faculty of Physics, Technion.

Programming network algorithms at RayV, LTD.


Homepage during graduate school

Jonathan Stern