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Kira Radinsky / Computer Science

First degree in Computer Science at the Technion.

PhD (direct) in Coputer Science at the Technion.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2006 – April 2009.

Kira started her studies at the Technion at the age of 15, and has stayed ever since, other than her 3 years-service in the army as a programmer. She started her reserach towards Msc during her graduate school studies. She published a paper in the WI conference, took advanced courses and did some projects.

Kira carried out the research which is now the foundation of her PhD thesis.

The novel task she aimed for was to predict top terms that will prominently appear in the future news.

She presented a novel methodology for using patterns of user queries to predict future events. Query history was obtained from web resources such as Google. In order to predict whether a term will appear in tomorrow’s news, they examined if the terms in today’s queries indicated

this term in the past. They provided empirical support for the effectiveness of our method by showing its prediction power on news archives.

This work resulted in a conference publication.
Kira also had the luxury of doing research in other related fields, such as quantum machine learning and Computational Neuroscience.

Kira is the CTO and co-founder of SalesPredict.

Prizes that Kira has won during this period:

2012: Google WWW Grant for Women

2012: Facebook Fellowship Finalist for work in the field of Data Mining, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

2011: Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenge Award for work in the field of Information Retrieval, Algorithms, and Data Mining

2011: Google WSDM Grant Data Mining Grant for Women

2010: Google SIGIR Grant Information Retrieval Grant for Women
2009: Recipient of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship for 20 Leading Women in Computer Science.
2009: Recipient of excellence in sport prize
2008 :Winner of the CS best project prize
2007: Recipient of the prestigious award honoring innovations in technology

Today (2018): Director of Data Science, IL Chief Scientist, eBay
Visiting Professor/Scientist, Technion


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