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Maya Avidor / Computer Science

About myself: I was born in 1996 and grew up in Herzeliya.
As long as I can remember I was drawn to the scientific fields. My main interest varies from math and physics to biology and engineering. I joined the program in the hope of finding innovative ways to link them all together, while finding my unique path.
In high school I took advanced placement in physics and biotechnology. I loved and enjoyed the combination of the theoretical and the practical aspects of both.
I served for two years in the army at a technology unit of the Intelligence Corps where I acquired knowledge about electronic systems.
I profoundly enjoy observing, studying and understanding phenomena. The sciences are a great passion of mine, being a world of endless opportunities waiting to be discovered, explored and introduced by new ideas. I hope to become a researcher who will contribute something of value to society. The program is where I see my dream coming true.

Hobbies: I love sports, especially running. I can do it anytime, anywhere, and it is therapeutic.
I also enjoy Pilates and Yoga, and my latest passion is stand up paddle surfing.

When did you start the program: Winter 2016.