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Nafea Bishara / Electrical Engineering

First degree in Computer Engineering at the Technion.

MSc in Computer Engineering at the Technion.
Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: 1994 – 1997.

Nafea was accepted to the Program even before he had received his high school examination results. During his first year of studies at the Technion, he was exempted from many of the courses after passing oral or written tests in them. He integrated advanced interdisciplinary courses in his curriculum and started his second degree in electrical engineering at the same time.

Today: Co-Founder and CTO, Annapurna Labs, A startup with head-quarter in Yokneam


About the Program: "The Program enabled me to study and acquire knowledge in various areas to which I would not have had access in the normal course of events at the Technion."


Recommendation to Program participants: "Use all the tools that the Program gives you, widen the scope of your studies and start doing research as early as possible."



Nafea Bishara