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Nathan Keller / Mathematics

First and second degrees in Mathematics at the Technion.
Ph.D. in Mathematics at the Hebrew University.

post-doc in Math at the Weizmann Institute.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1998 – September 1999.


Nathan was accepted into the Program at the age of 16.5 after having accumulated many credit points in academic courses at the Technion while he was still in high school. His curriculum included advanced courses as well as research.

He did some research under the supervision of Prof. Eli Biham, from CS. His research topics were Combinatorics and Cryptology (he started his research in Cryptology following a talk of Prof. Biham which he heard in the lecture series of the Excellence Program) and he also did some project in Cryptology with another Program graduate, Elad Barkan.


About the Program: "I feel that the lectures provided in the Program broadened my horizons in many areas and contributed significantly to my overall education. In addition, one of the lectures delivered by Prof. Biham prompted me to undertake research under his direction and our scientific collaboration has continued until the present."


Recommendation to Program participants: "Utilize the advantages of the Program to broaden your horizons and to take courses in various fields while specializing in your main subject. It is worthwhile doing research in the course of your undergraduate studies."


Today(2012): Nathan is a Senior Lecturer at the Mathematics Department of the Bar Ilan University.


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