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Noa Rappaport / Biology

First degree in Biology at the Technion.

Second degree in Bioinformatics at the Weizmann Institute.

Ph.D at the Weizmann Institute.

Post-doc at the lab of Prof. Doron Lancet at the Weizmann Institute of science.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2000 – July 2003.
Noa used the Program to build a multi-disciplinary curriculum that included hard-core advanced biology courses, as well as elaborated math and chemistry courses and courses from advanced studies and from other faculties which allowed her to get unique qualifications of both biology and computational skills

Noa made two research projects:
The first was under the guidance of Prof. Benjamin Podbilewicz from the Biology faculty: "Bioinformatic Analysis of Eff1 gene from c. elegans".
The second was under the guidance of Prof. Michael Kozlov from the Tel-Aviv University and in cooperation with Beni Poidbilewitcz on "Mathematical model of vulval development in c. elegans".


Today (2020): Noa is a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle.


Recommendation to Program participants: "Use the program to study whatever interests you. Multidisciplinary will greatly help you later on".

Noa Rappaport