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Ofer Shayevitz / Electrical Engineering

First degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technion

Second degree in Electrical Engineering at the Tel-Aviv University

PhD in Electrical Engineering at the Tel-Aviv University.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: February 1993 – February 1997.


During his undergraduate studies, Ofer conducted research on "Reconstruction of 3D objects from multiple stereo images and shading", under the guidance of Dr. Moshe Porat from the Electrical Engineering faculty. His M.Sc. research on "Universal decoding for frequency selective fading channels" was performed under the guidance of Prof. Meir Feder, and dealt with optimal decoding for digital transmission over a fading channel whose law is unknown, but yet belongs to some parametric family.


After obtaining his first degree he enlisted as a reservist in the intelligence corps dealing with digital communication and signal processing. When released, he served as a DSP & algorithm engineer at a start-up company in the field of software A-GPS.


Today (2012): Post-doc at the University of California, San-Diego


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