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Ofri Fridman / Technion Excellence Program

About Myself: I was born in 2001 and grew up in Yavne. In 2019 I graduated from “Kiryat Hachinuch Ginsburg” high school and majored in physics and chemistry.

Between the years 2015-2018 I participated in Alpha program in Weizmann Institute and conducted research in the field of molecular biology. My work focused on long noncoding RNA molecules and their effect on neuronal differentiation.

For 9 years I was in the scouts youth movement, and during high school I was a group leader and later “Rosh gdud”, responsible for group of leaders.

After graduation, I joined the Israeli Air Force and served for 4 years as an officer and a flight simulator instructor in the flight academy.

Hobbies and activities: I enjoy reading, baking, hiking and I like to watch crime and suspense shows.

When did you start the program?  Winter 2023.