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Omer Angel / Mathematics

First degree in Mathematics at the Technion.

PhD in Mathematics at the Weizmann Institue.

Post-doc at University of British Columbia.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1993 – June 1994.

Deviated from the conventional syllabus to multi-disciplinary subjects.
During his army service conducted research on: Mathematical algorithm research, development and implementation for intelligence corps.

After his military service was accepted directly as a doctoral student in the Weizmann Institute's Faculty of Mathematics. He is conducting research on "Phase transitions in probabilistic models", under the guidance ofProf. Itai Benjamini and Prof. Oded Schramm with whom he collaborated in publishing a paper.

Omer participated in many mathematics and physics contests with very impressive results:
* Gold and bronze medals in the International Mathematics Olympics in 1992-93
* First prizes in all the mathematics contests conducted in Israel in 1992-93
* First prizes in all the Israel-Hungary mathematics contests in 1992-93.

Today: Omer is an associate prof. at University of British Columbia.


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