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Omer Levy / Computer Science

First degree in Computer Science at the Technion.

MSc in Computer Science (Machine Learning) at the Technion.

PhD in Computer Science (Natural Language Processing) at Bar-Ilan University.

Post-doc at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 2007 – October 2009
Omer took many advanced courses at an early stage, and received an audience with professors of the faculty. Both of these benefits enabled him to pursue research topics at an early stage of his academic career.

During his first degree, Omer did research projects:

– Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Strategy Games:

  • Research aimed at improving the quality of artificial intelligence in real-time systems by delegating tasks to multiple agents.
  • Conducted on the ORTS platform, an open-source test-bed for real-time strategy games.

– Using Machine Learning to Study "Romantic" Preferences

  • Proof of concept that romantic preferences of men and women can be learnt by a machine.

Recommendation to Program participants:

  • Choose your courses wisely. Taking an advanced course without enough time to put into it will damage both your learning experience and your grade. A balanced semester consisting of one or two advanced courses and a maximum of 21 points is best.
  • Pursue your ideas through your faculty's staff. A meeting with a professor or even a grad student can push you in the right direction, and aid you in testing your concepts. Consider taking projects to allow you to mature and develop your ideas; they're both academically beneficial and fun!

Today (2020): Omer is a senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University’s School of Computer Science and a research scientist at Facebook AI Research.

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