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Orian Leitersdorf / Computer Science

About myself: As a toddler, I wondered what was the magical substance traveling inside electrical cords that could power household appliances; therefore, I used scissors to cut a live electrical cable. The power went out in the entire house, from which I learned that these wires could also be dangerous. Ever since that inspiring jolt of electricity, my curiosity led me towards mathematics, electronics, computer science and reverse-engineering. In high school, I was fascinated by the possibility of integrating these interests; therefore, I was excited to join the school’s robotics team, first as leader of the electrical/software efforts and later also as co-captain. I was intrigued by sharing my excitement for robotics with other students, some of which lacked prior exposure to the field. Together as a focused and integrated team, in the 2019 competition, we won the Israeli championship, expanded the awareness of robotics at our school, and successfully fundraised towards travelling to the world competition.

I expanded my horizons and found interest in biology, physics, chemistry and statistics. To implement my knowledge in these areas, I joined the Professor Nahmias bioengineering laboratory in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a researcher joining other students at various levels. We focused on the development and advancement of multiple Organ-on-a-Chip novel projects, one of which I recently submitted as an abstract to a national conference.

I am especially honored and excited by the opportunity that the Rothschild Excellence program provides in expanding my knowledge and exposure in many research fields, crucial in directing me towards my academic future.


Hobbies and other activities:I appreciate travelling and visiting other countries to learn about natural phenomena, ancient civilizations and various cultures. In addition, music, modern art, photography and three-dimensional design also intrigue me greatly. In my free time, I engage in sports such as swimming, running, and skiing.


When did you start the program?: Winter 2019.