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Roee Lopata / Chemistry

About myself: I was born in September 1993 in Haifa, and lived in Karmiel as a child. Later on, my family moved to Kfar Saba, and is currently located in Alfei Menashe.
In high school I majored in Biology and Physics, and participated in the Bar-Ilan program for talented students in Math. Besides learning, I have spent most of my time volunteering in a youth movement called "Tzameret", and in the Youth Council of Kfar-Saba.
After graduating, I have joined the Intelligence Corps, and served for almost 5 years as an officer. Afterwards, I've worked for a year as an analyst in a cyber-security company in Herzliya.

Hobbies and other activities: I love reading, from thrillers and science fiction to psychology and science. I also enjoy traveling, cooking and baking.

When did you start the program: Winter 2017.

Today (2022):  Pursuing Master's degree at the Faculty of Biology, in Biophysics at RBNI, Technion under the supervision of Prof. Ariel Kaplan.