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Roy Schwartz /

First degree in Information Systems Engineering at the Technion. MSc in Computer Science at the Technion.   Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1998 - January 2002.   Roy took advanced and graduate courses without the need for the perquisite courses in several areas including stochastic processes and theoretical computer science. His advisor, Prof. Avishai Madelbaum from the Industrial Engineering faculty helped him a lot and Roy was in continuous interaction with him during his undergraduate studies. He conducted a yearly project under the supervision of Prof. Mandelbaum,: "Simulation Experiments With M/G/100 Queues in the Halfin-Whitt Regime". The goal was to study the behavior of queuing systems in which arriving agents might leave the system before reaching the head of the queue and finish receiving their service. Towards the end of the first degree, Roy started a second degree in Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Seffi Naor from the Computer Science faculty (this was done informally). He registered to the second degree formally after finishing the first degree. Thesis subject: "Circular Arrangements".   Today (2012): This year Roy is planning to finish his PhD in the Computer-Science department at the Technion, under the supervision of Prof. Seffi Naor. His research focuses on algorithms, specifically: theory of algorithms, combinatorial optimization, randomized algorithms and submodular optimization.    Recommendation to Program participants: "It is important to take as much advanced courses as possible in different disciplines since there are always nice and interesting surprises along the way. New and unfamiliar problems might be encountered."   My homepage
Roy Schwartz