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Sahar Sagy / Chemistry, Computer Science

About Myself: Born in 1997, I lived most of my life in Beit-Yitzhak, a small village near Netanya. I finished "Rupin" high school in 2015, majoring in physics, chemistry and biotechnology. During high school, I participated in an academic program in Tel-Aviv University where I studied a few courses, mostly in the field of Chemistry.

Upon graduation, I joined the army and served for 3 years in the IDF's Intelligence Corps during which I acquired a new passion: the world of computers and programming.

My past experiences with studying helped me understand how it can enrich the way I see the world and give me new perspectives. With my academic studies, I hope to broaden my horizons and look forward to seeing the world in new ways while asking questions that I would have never thought could come to my mind.


Hobbies and Other Activities: Besides learning new things, my hobbies include sports and especially swimming, listening to music, baking and various art forms including origami. I also love traveling around the world and seeing new places.


When did you start the program?: Winter 2019.