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Sam Sky Schneider / Technion Excellence Program

About Myself: I was born in 1999, in Hod Hasharon to English parents. In high school I studied in a Science and Leadership classroom, majoring in Physics and Chemistry.

In high school I was in the Bar Ilan excellence program for maths and finished my Bagrut in 10th grade. Prior to that I was in the math competition for 7th graders, reaching the final 6 in the final. In addition I participated in a “safe” competition in Physics, building safes which demands Physical typed thinking In order to solve them, reaching the final as well.

In the army I was in the Sky Riders unit, a combat unit specializing in flying surveillance drones. I carried on to become an officer, and became a commander over a combat unit in the north. Later on I became in charge of professional training of current and reserve teams.

In addition I trained in Judo for 15 years up until I joined the military, competing on an international level and an active member of the Israeli national team.

Hobbies and Activities: I train in yoga on a weekly basis and meditate every day. I love hiking, the beach and nature in general. I read books in many topics- including physics, economy, spiritual, novels, business and many more that cross my path. I love listening to music, to cook and to enjoy time with friends.

When did you start the program?  Winter 2023.