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Sari Hleihil / Computer Science

About myself: since I was a little kid I was always fascinated by what made things tick and I always wanted to know more about everything! I started programing in 7th grade and since then I never stopped, but also I always wanted to help people and change the world for the better and that’s why I spent the better part of my high school years in teenage councils and movements in the country and especially in my beloved hometown, so I’d like to believe that I did make a small change somewhere!

Hobbies and activities: I have a weird set of hobbies that I like to do, like night runs, learning new things and having meaningful conversations with the closest of my friends.

When did you start the program: Winter 2018.

Today (2022): Pursuing Master's degree at the Faculty of Computer Science in the field of Geometric Computer Vision under the supervision of Prof. Ron Kimmel.