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Tomer Cory / Technion Excellence Program

About myself: I was born in 2000 and grew up in Haifa. I went to ‘Eroni Hey’ high school in Haifa, where I majored in Physics and Computer Science. During high school, I also took some Chemistry courses in the Technion as a part of the ‘Archimedes’ program. In the military I served as a combat medic at a special unit in the artillery corps.

Hobbies and activities: I enjoy reading, cooking, going to the gym and taking trips in the nature. I used to be a huge gamer and even competed in the world championship of one of the games I have played. I have practiced Krav Maga throughout my high school years, and after I finished my military service I worked as a Krav Maga instructor in a summer camp in America.

When did you start the program?: Winter 2021.