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Yan Michalevsky / Electrical Engineering

Yan participated in the Excellence Program from 2007 to 2010, receiving a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering with focus on signal processing.

He takes special pride in being one of the two first Technion students to take part in the InfoSys InStep Internship Program along with Asaf Cidon. Their praises for the experience resulted in the opening of an academic silk-road, which sent more Technion students on this wonderful journey.

After working for two years as an R&D team lead and software consultant, he has moved to California to pursue his Phd at Stanford University. His PhD studies (2012-2017) focused on applied security, privacy and cryptography, resulting in several publications covered by media outlets such as the BBC, Wired, Engadget and more, and presented at Usenix Security, Mobicom, and more industrial conferences such as RSAC and BlackHat.

You can find his publications here.

His two cents for current Excellence Program students have always been to start research as early as possible. It will give meaning to the theory you learn, and to the life you live.

Today (2017): Yan is currently a co-founder of Anjuna Security. Named after a peaceful town on the coast of Goa (India), the company develops software solutions at the intersection of operating systems, processor architecture, virtualization and crypto, that provides security to sensitive applications running in the cloud, and protects data in-use.

He (occasionally) plays his (sadly neglected) violin, (carefully) rides a skateboard, and writes electronic music.

Yan Michalevsky