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Yanir Rubinstein / Mathematics

First degree in Mathematics at the Technion.

Ph.D. in Mathematics (direct program) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Participated in the Technion Excellence Program: October 1997 – September 1999.


Included courses for higher degrees in his curriculum in addition to multi-disciplinary studies. He also did research on "Modeling Turbulence" under the direction ofProf. Mark Peterson from Mount Holyoke College, MA, USA.
The research was published extensively in the professional journal: Computers in Science & Engineering, and presented at two scientific conferences.


Yanir undertook an additional research project on "Stochastic models to describe coagulation-fragmentation manifestations", under the direction of Prof. Shay Gueron. He wrote a joint article that was published in the scientific journal "Markov Processes and Related Fields".


Today (2013): Associate Professor in Mathematics in University of Maryland.

A Sloan Research Fellow.


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