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Yogev Bitan / Architecture and Town Planning

About myself:

I was born in 1986, and grew up in Yahud.

Before I started studying here, I travelled for a long time in many places in the world such as: Africa, East Asia and the Pacific Ocean, which was a very meaningful experience for me. I learned about myself, observed other cultures and people, things that made me realize how connected I am to this thing called "Architecture", and how much it affects our lives.

Since I can remember myself I was painting and drawing. This ability was and still very useful for me in expressing my feeling and thoughts, and using this skill during my studies is very significant. In addition, I consider math as an interesting and useful section in my life, as much as art. 

What year did you start the program: Winter 2011

Hobbies and other activities: Reading books, travelling in our country, drawing and painting…

Yogev Bitan