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Yonatan Koren / Computer Science, Mathematics

About myself: I was born in 1996 in Haifa and grew up in Schaniya, a small village in the Galilee. I graduated from Misgav high school in 2014, majoring in physics, biology and math.

After graduating, I joined the IDF and served for 5 years as a combat officer in the “Nahal” brigade. During this time period, I held three different positions, including commanding a department in the commanders course.

From a very young age, sports played a major role in my life. For me being active means creating a mind-body connection, aspiring to big goals and pushing my own personal limit.

Starting as early as 5, I participated and competed in numerous different sports such as gymnastics, swimming and basketball. Today, I mainly focus on outdoor rock climbing in Israel as well as around the world.

After my military service, I worked as a math tutor, helping students prepare for their high school exams (bagrut). In addition, I have been exploring different academic interests, taking courses in a number of subjects such as CS, math, psychology and neuroscience at the Open University.


Hobbies and other activities: I enjoy playing chess and board games, and doing puzzles that require solving problems. I enjoy being outside, mainly hiking and rock climbing. Another big hobby of mine is “slack-line”- walking and performing stunts on a narrow webbing, an activity that requires concentration and balance.


When did you start the program?  Winter 2022