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The First Excellence Program Conference

On December 22, 1999, six years after the program was founded, the First Scientific ex1Conference of the Excellence Program took place. During the conference, members and alumni of the program presented the results of research projects, in lectures and in posters.

Prof. Nimrod Moiseyev, Head of the Excellence Program, addresses the participants and guests of the Scientific Conference
ex2Prof. Moiseyev himslef is an alumnus of the Technion, having earned his D.Sc. in Chemistry in 1977. He has been on the Technion Faculty since 1981. In addition to serving as the Head of the Excellence Program, he is the current Dean of the Department of Chemistry, Head of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Theoretical Chemistry and incumbent of the Bertha Hartz Axel Chair of Chemistry.

Poster Presentations
Amnon Arel  – Measuring Bs Oscillations in OPAL
Benenson Kobi –  Polysaccharides as First Biocatalysts
Zvika Ben-Haim – Music Database Search by Audio Query
Berger Eli – Critical Strongly-Connected Graphs
Limor Dori – Preparation and Characterization of Erbium Complexes
Orr Dunkelman – Cryptanalysis
Sahar Rahav – The Accuracy of Semiclassical Quantization for Integrable Systems
Keren Shoham – Reuse of an Historical Compound as an Impetus to Urban Renewal
Sigal Sapir – Antibody Induced Selectivity in Photochemical Reactions

Students admire the poster presentations designed by students of the Excellence Programex3

Zvika Ben-Haim (right) discusses his research on Music Database Search by Audio Query.

Dr. Ilya Vorobeichik (right) undergraduate studeis helped to shape the Excellence Program. His current doctoral research focuses on Design of Optical Devices by Approaches Developed in Laser Induced Processes.